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BuzzNBen Homepage


How it All Started

     Hello. My name is Ben Avchen. Welcome to my website, the home of everything me. I go by the username BuzzNBen. It all started in the 5th grade when I created a character called "Buzzy the Bee." It's how I got my username and has stuck with me since 2006. I've always been interested in becoming a writer. However, my interests eventually evolved into mainly animation, editing, and programming.

In 2010, I expanded my Buzzy the Bee character into an animated series. It went on from May 2nd, 2010 to June 11th, 2012 where I made around 15 episodes total. With my knowledge now and tools I have at my disposal (Toon Boom Harmony), I hope to return to this series someday.

Before I quit working on these animations, I turned to editing live action skits with a group of friends we called "Final Generation." We posted our skits to a YouTube channel. This however, was short lived for there were arguments on where the channel was heading and some poor communication, so we all split. Fortunatelly, we all remained friends, but focused our talents into our own YouTube channels.

In August, 2012, I joined my high school's broadcasting team and became producer of a show called "Royal 3 News." My responsibility was to edit and produce the episodes of this weekly news show. I eventually graduated from high school and moved on to working on improving my craft in editing.

After attending community college for a year and a half, I transfered to Columbia College Hollywood, a film school in Los Angeles. Right now, I'm working on earning a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Filmmaking.


Website History

     This website was made on December 25, 2008 with the help of my uncle. The old site featured my computer games as well as older YouTube content. The site remains on my uncle's domain, but I alone manage the site as of 2018. In 2009, I added several pages to the site for people to search for specific content (i.e. my games, videos, etc).

In 2012, I created a Twitter account and embedded it to the homepage. In 2014 and 2015, I did some more major updates including cleaning up the clutter that was accumulating on the site. Sadly, a couple of years went by where I had lost access to the site. It's only recently that I regained access and now the website is going through its biggest update yet. Welcome to the new and improved!




     Right now, my main path in life is in the direction of film editing (mainly editing comedies and dramas). Currently, I have two passion projects I want to do before I graduate film school. For more information, check out the Videos tab.


Other Hobbies

     While I am pursuing a career in editing, computer programming/making computer games has been a side hobby of mine. I've worked on several Super Mario fangames including my latest, Super Mario Bros Doomsday. I'm not as avid with it like I used to be, but there is always a small chance I may again.

I also enjoy hiking and mountain biking. I've been mountain biking since the Summer of 2012 where I learned my high school had a mountain bike team. From there, I knew I'd be doing it for the rest of my life.